Thursday, November 30, 2017, 14:06

Today is  Small Business Saturday and so many of you will be out shopping and eating at your favorite small businesses in downtown Ogunquit Maine! When you’re shopping small today, and on all the other days, remember you are doing something really wonderful... You’re making your community better! Not only are you supporting local business owners who employ local staff,..but you help these businesses give back to all the local organizations who depend on donations to make their missions come true! Which means that when you spend money locally, that money helps all of us, including those of our neighbors who are in the most need.

We are so grateful when you shop small. That goes without saying! So as a member of the community who benefits from ALL the ways our local businesses make Ogunquit and the Seacoast stronger--- Thank you!!!!

With that said, we invite you to stop in and Save 20% on all your purchases today at Animal Instinct!
Happy Small Saturday!

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